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Hi, I'm Dr. Bernal

Over 16 Years of Veterinary Experience

At A & D our priority is to provide the finest veterinary care to our patients and it is our goal to assure that you, the owner, are well informed and comfortable with the decisions made regarding your pet’s care.

We offer our clients state of the art technology and specialty veterinary care. Our staff members are dedicated to the care of animals and they are willing to do whatever is necessary to make your pet comfortable with the highest quality standards of any veterinary facility.

Here we provide a wide variety of pet products and services including full veterinary services, pet grooming, pet boarding, and a full inventory of pet supplies. We have the selection of the products to keep your pet healthy regardless of your pet's stage in life.

At our facility, we believe all animals deserve compassionate veterinary care. The staff here is dedicated to attending to the best interest of both the patient and client.  Our goal is to provide the most comprehensive veterinary care and we are deeply committed to your pet's health and well-being. At A & D Animal Hospital your pet is treated like family. 

We Have a New Pet!

Bringing home a new pet is an exciting time, but it can also be overwhelming. The first few days with a new pet can be a critical time for bonding and forming good habits. The day you bring home your new pet is not the time to run to the pet store for bedding and toys. It's important to have all the necessary pet supplies available before your new family member arrives. You should have a crate, bedding, gates, a litter box, and non-plastic food and water dishes before bringing your pet home. Toys, treats, a collar and leash, and a toothbrush are all helpful to have for puppies. A scratching post, kitty tree, laser pointer, pet water fountain, and a brush are helpful to have for cats.

Allow your new animal time to take in their surroundings without any other pets or people around. "It is very important to give the new dog or cat independent time and space to explore their new home before introducing them to the rest of their new human and pet family," veterinarian  Dr. Michael Dym of  1-800-PetMeds told INSIDER.